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    Firstly, please bear with me as I am a total newbie, thanks.
    I have seen video clips on the internet where part of one video clip has been "cut" out and put into another. I know that the traditional way to achieve this kind of effect is a blue screen, but this effect seems to have been done on two "normal" clips.
    Please feel free to tell me I am thick if I am getting confused with this, but if I am not, is there a tutorial that shows how to achieve this.

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    You would do well to tell us what software you have to hand.

    I use Adobe s/w and can think iof a few ways of doing this. The best will depend on the content of the clips. The easiest to do will likley be the worst. The better options are expensive, either in the time taken (rotoscoping) or in s/w (After Effects).

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    I don't personally have any software besides Windows Movie Maker( as a beginner i don't want to spend hundreds on software if is not something I will "take to") but I do have access to a couple of friends computers who have premiere and vegas between them.

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    Well then you should play about on your friends computers and see which one of those video editors you like. That would give you an idea of which one to follow up and maybe purchase, in otherwords try before you buy. You can buy a cut down and much cheaper version of Premiere called Adobe Premiere Elements 3 and it will allow you to capture, edit and burn your finished masterpiece out to DVD along with other formats. One of the methods that you can use to put one video into anther is picture in picture. It usually involves the main video playing full screen and another video clip playing in a much smaller window. Obviously you need software with more than one video track, usually called an Overlay track.

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    Default Best for your Budget

    Another, but much less powerful software package, than Adobe or Sony Vegas, is Ulead 9.0 or Ulead 10.0, which allows you to place a mini video window within the main track video.

    There’s a page somewhere within the forum that lists different vendor software packages for video editing, most of these vendors offer free trial downloads for a period of time, so may be give the one’s mentioned here in this thread a try and see which one works best for your budget.

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