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Thread: Snap Yo Fingers video feedback effect

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    Default Snap Yo Fingers video feedback effect

    I'm trying to pull off the feedback effect in the Lil Jon music video and was wondering how to do it. I've read somewhere that you can use the Echospace plugin (which I have), but I'm not really sure how to just edit a specific person and not the entire scene.

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    To ensure people can reply, please post a link to an example of the video.

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    Default Here is an example

    The effect that I am looking at is that the image of the people trails behind them. Like there are several layers of the person in different colors.

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    all i can think is that they may have shot on a green screen and then using several layers pushed up the contrast so the person is just a silhouette then added a colourising filter to make the black another colour and kea-d the green out and the use one original footage and layed that over the top with the green kea-d out again and the stagger the several layers to give the trace effect

    hard to explain but i think this should work.

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