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Thread: What software do i need?

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    I am about to get a DVD writer and firewire card for my PC, but would like some advice as to what software to use to create my DVDs before I buy the wrong thing, and waste money. I would like to create decent quality DVDs of holidays, etc. with menus and chapters.

    I guess I can capture and edit using one program (eg Vegas), then do I need an authoring program (eg Tmpgenc Author), and then burn to DVD with Nero 5.5?

    Is this close to being right? Also, if there is more suitable software than the ones I have suggested, then please tell me.

    Thanks, Chris

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    I don't know what's happened here, but I promise I didn't hijack anyone's thread.

    If anyone's got some software ideas, can you please post a reply.

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    don't worry, i split the thread. and broke the other one in the process. i changed its subject somehow, and it's not letting me change it back. hehe


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