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Thread: Which OS?

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    Default Which OS?

    Currently using Windows 2000 pro.

    Everything going well (although MPG player freezes from time to time). Want to start using Adobe premiere. Downloaded trial to see if I liked but it seems to ne the XP version.

    Considering changing OS to XP pro.

    My Question: which is the preferred OS for video editing?
    AMD athlon 2000, Deskstar 80gb, Spinpoint 160gb, 1gb mem, Radion 9000, Pioneer A107 8x +/- drd rw, XP, Premier Pro

    Handycam: Sony DCR-TRV14E. Firewire

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    Makes no difference except for software support in my opinion.

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    Marc is, of course, correct but be aware that Premiere Pro will only run on (or at least supported on) Windows XP so...

    Want to use Premier Pro? Then upgrade to XP.


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