Hello forum

(PC: Compaq Presario 6195 EA, 1.8ghz, 512mb, OS: Windows XP home SP2)

After having a problem where my Texas Instruments IEEE 1394 Bus Host Controller lost its driver for some reason (meaning I couldn't use my firewire external harddrive or camcorder), and then managing to reinstall it thru device manager, I am left with jerky playback on all video and audio files, including in Premiere Pro.

Everything was normal until I had and fixed this problem with the loss of the driver for the firewire board. Usually I do a restore operation which solves this issue with video/audio playback which I have had before a couple of times, however, all restore attempts fail - I have a sneaking suspicion I accidently deleted some temp files that may have been the restore info files without knowing that was their function!

Any idea what could be causing this problem? Even the welcome music when i boot up is very jerky and crackly and all audio played in WMP and ITunes suffers the same problem. Of course this is a major problem for my editing as I cannot export back to tape without it being jerky.

Many thanks.