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Thread: AHH!! DV lossy!!! whyyy you never warm me!

  1. Exclamation AHH!! DV lossy!!! whyyy you never warm me!

    According to this thread:
    DV is loosy vs Huffyuv that is lossless...!!!!
    Should I change to Huffyuv then? Does this mean DV has less quality then the other? I also heard DV has some pixel aspect ratio not being square issuee! what does this mean... And what about MJPEG codec is it good? And if I want Huffyuv I know I can't use DV Dazzle Bridge anymore can't it? what are my chances then?

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    Yes, you will experience generation loss with DV but it's only really an issue after 5 or so encodes. DV is a decent trade off between huge file sizes and ease of editing. If you want a truely lossless codec, then yes use huffy. If you want files that are easy to edit and don't take up too much space then stick with DV.

    Sites like doom9 tend to be frequented by 'quality boys' or people ripping and encoding films. People on these forums are used to editing efficiently and in the 'real world' as it were.


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