Hi All
I'm new to this forum -and indeed new to Elements, having originally cut my vidiot teeth on Final Cut Pro. I had my first go on Elements just yesterday and already have a problem -( although it may actually be my Camera), I'd be gratefull for any help on this.
Basically when doing a video capture from my Sony PC1000 I get the error message stating that I can't have the footage captured as a set of individual clips because the tape hasn't got the date/time information on it. This puzzled me a little as the camera doesn't seem to have the option of not having this information carried on it, I assumed it was automatic. Obviously there is a toggle buried somewhere in the camera that enables this -or can I sort this problem through a setting in Elements. I'm using USB2 for the connection.
And could a forum moderator change my user name to 'Phil TK' - I accidently pasted my email addy in the wrong field -thanks

Phil TK