Tonight I filmed my kids X-mas program at church. I wanted to plug directly into the sound board to get good sound, but when I did wat I got was a horrible buzz or hummmm. I could hear the kids who were mic'ed, but the humm was to overwhelming. Here was the set up. 1/8 patch cord to a 1/8 splitter, then I plugged in two 1/8 - RCA cables, I plugged the RCA's into the "Tape out" and the "headphones" jack both had the hummmm. Even if I removed the splitter and hooked only one RCA cable I still had the hummm. The sound man said this could possibly be an impediance issue. Since the port on my camera (Panasonic PV-GS150) is labeled as a mic port and the ports I'm plugged into are amplified . If this is the problem is there a way around it? If it's not the problem, where did I go wrong? Thanks in advance.