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    Hello, I recently finished this video, and it'd be cool if I could have some constructive criticism from you guys. I'm trying to progress as a film-maker, and I think I've done pretty well with this movie. I did the directing and editing and most of the camera work.

    As the title says, this movie is a spoof on James Bond:


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    Enjoyed that. Not bad at all, but maybe needs a bit of attention to detail. Cutting some scenes a bit shorter would crisp it up and add to the dramatic pieces. Likewise some facial close-ups with more serious expressions.

    Really funny in places, though. Each sequence built up quite well. A nice amusing bit of work.

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    Quite interesting i think the bad guy went out like a b!%ch but oh well looks like you had fun
    We are ready to shock the world

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    Thanks for the comments!

    I agree, some of the scenes were shot rather quickly and I didn't bother to get some shots of the faces and such.

    And yes, I did have lots of fun making this.

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