Hi friends,

I am always learning and appreciate your help.

I want to purchase and edit DV and possibly HD with Premiere or Vegas. (I've done some DVCAM editing in the past and used Premiere)

I am looking to build from scratch, my own pc desktop editing system to utilize as a video workstation.

I have the type of talent and experience which I know can allow me to tackle a project like this once I have the right system specs...

I am confused and trying to sort through all of the info I have been reading all around.

I could really use your help with some solid direction and recommendations to benefit from great (or excellent) performance with Premiere or Vegas,

Suggestions please on Mobo/Processor combo and Individual graphics card, and specific type/amount of RAM.

With guidelines of getting the best bang for my buck. and if possible, I would like to stay under approximately US $350 for the mobo/processor/ and individual graphics card components... (Is that possible...and realistic?)

I have a preference for a small form factor as I have 2 new cases...1 MicroATX case and a Mid Tower ATX, along with 2 new 500 watt power supplies.

Thanks in advance...I am open to, and appreciate any and all good suggestions.