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Thread: problem with avi

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    Default problem with avi

    Hi everyone, hope all is well!

    A friend bought around some avi files which are Supranos episodes and wanted me to burn them onto dvd for him,

    now when i tried nero, it wouldn't work, so i tried pulling the avi files into pp2 & encore and it only bought in the actual sound, no footage,

    my friend said that even windows media player wont play them unless i use Divx.
    What does that mean, if i use divx, it's just another player isn't it, like a Quicktime player.
    Isn't avi, avi? any avi file should be able to be pulled into any software that excepts avi files (unless ofcourse the files are damaged or compressed wrong or something)

    also what worried me about these files he bought around were that they were so small for avi, half hour episodes taking up virtually no room on the harddrive, almost as if they are just sound files, however play them on a divx player and they work fine! hmmmmmm

    can someone enlighten me on what i'm missing.
    and maybe explain exactly what a codec software is? Isn't it just re-formatting?


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    first step is to get some kodecs
    u dont know wich kodec is yor video compresed.
    i advise u to try find the k-light codec pakage and instal
    next step is to get a good AVI converter SO U CAN CONVERT YOR AVI FILES TO FAMILIAR CODEC
    personaly i use AVS video converter simple to use.
    good luck

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    forgot to say
    if u want to burn it to dvd after, u have to be carefull with dimension of the video. for PAL system is 720 576 unles u want it in cine mode .
    PUT Alsow the proper frames per sec 25 in pal system .
    dont want to confuse u more but there are selection for the sound too.
    ( dolby,PCM, ETC)

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    Seems those avi files are Divx avi's and not microsoft DV avi's. Virtualdub (free software) will probably convert to PP2 compatible avi's.

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    I actually have a converter, forgotton name i think its Win/something, i paid $50 bucks for it , and it does an awsome job with converting files, how ever when you choose the convert to avi file, it has in little writting Divx, mdv etc, so the avi file it's converting it to is supposed to work on all of them, i think

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