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    Which is the best software for converting .ts files to avi? I am using Divx Doctor, it is simple and makes good quality avi files, but there is not possibility to make the file smaller than usual divx standart (600-700 mb). I have seen on the network some excellent quality avi files containing a full movie but with about 100 mb instead of 600-700 mb like standart movies. I am interested in making small but full avi movies with a good quality. I want to use them afterwards for streaming from the server. I want to earn money in paying for server hosting and streaming fees. Any suggestion which program can do it?

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    I am assuming that by TS files you mean DVD files? This sounds awfully like you're wanting to pirate commercial videos.

    A useful resource for converting et al is VideoForums specialises in video editing.

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    Default .ts files

    Thank you for your info. It is not for DVD, I need it for TV records. My soft records in .ts format.

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    We have a file convertor from any video format with its further broadcasting in website's flash player. To work this convertor requires a free RED5 server. The convertation happenes while loading the file in Admins zone.

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