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Thread: MOV to WMV Conversion

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    Default MOV to WMV Conversion

    I recently purchased a Kodak Easyshare C743 camera. I did not have a large sum of money, and for $140 + 2 hours waiting in line (oh the black friday lines), I felt it was worth it. I like everything about the camera except the video container format is a MOV file. I would like to encode it to a WMV file. I am willing to purchase the software required for this, as I'm sure I'll be able to use it in the future for more than just this camera. I need a program that is relatively simple to use, but not lacking massive amounts of features.

    Some things I do need:
    ways to control different audio track volumes in different portions of the video ways to combine and insert portions of video into other videos
    ways to skew time of video play back (either faster or slower)
    ways to insert single images into parts of the video
    ways to censor certain parts of the video (like facial blurs and such)

    I will appreciate all suggestions which people can give me.

    My laptop runs Windows XP, and has a 3.06GHz HT P4 with 1.5GB of ram. This may help as video encoding is quite processor intensive.
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    You need a pretty full on editor I think, and the time to learn and use it.

    Try d loading some free trials.

    Read this site and see what others use.

    Have a look at moviemaker free with xp too.

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    Windows Movie Maker only supports DV and WMV.

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    Here's a start on how to convert MOV to AVI

    But as Mark says - you need an editor to do the things on your wishlist. Windows Movie Maker will allow you to do the first 3 things, albeit crudely. Censoring/masking/blurring/whatever calls for something more advanced.

    Try one or two of the free trial downloads to see how you get on....

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