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    Anybody know of any software package that allows real time text annotation. I'd like to annotate during capture.
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    Do you mean that you'd like to add subtitles or a voice-over to your video?

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    Subtitles - real time text generation

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    This is surely a case for a video editor isn't it? I don;t know of an app that you're describing but I know for a fact that I wouldn't use one even it it did and it was my sort of tool. I simply wouldn't trust myself to type accurately and at the correct speed at capture time.

    You can subtitle in a video editor. However, my experience tells me it's more the domain of DVD production.

    Why do you think you need to do this in real time at time of capture?

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    Speed - text overlay after capture increases DVD production time 3fold. Everything I film must be identified on screen.

    I already have a video typewriter but as I burn direct to hard disc I hoped I could find a package that would allow me to use the laptop keyboard and ditch this unit and save on batteries too.

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