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Thread: mac v pcs - really need the truth

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    Default mac v pcs - really need the truth

    okay, so ive heard so many things, so many people saying, yeah, of course macs are so much better, but ive also heard that pcs are getting up there, and are capable of just as much. what is the truth behind this, are macs really better?

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    They both edit video. The real skill is using what you have in a creative manor. Mac vs PC vs Talent. Talent will always win.

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    There was a time years ago when Macs did out perform PC in video editing, photo apps and such. For the last 6 to 7 years PCs are every bit equal to Macs in any use you want. Macs are however more secure. That's about it.

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    Mac? PC? Who cares, so long as it is damn fast and stuffed with drives. Remember a mac is also a pc nowadays, you can run xp on all new macs.

    The whole mac pc debate is almost dead in the water now. PCs were always better when it came (and much cheaper) to bunging in new bits and pieces, g cards, tv cards, stuff like that, but things may have evened up there too... anyone know?

    For some editors, at least untill PCs can reliably run the mac os (can they yet?) one reason still to get a mac may be fcp, a pricey but nicey app that is mac specific, tho lord knows why... maybe amc own the rights to fcp? Tut tut...

    As for security, run zonealarm / avg and stop worrying.

    Psersonally if I had the cash I would seriously considor either a fat PC or a fat mac, and I used to make modern art with melted macs....

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