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Thread: Cant put home movies on DVD

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    Default Cant put home movies on DVD

    I have a Canon DC100 that I purchased for my newborn. I have DVD-RW in it. How do i put these on my computer so i can combine them to 1 dvd? Do I need certain software for this. Please help!!!

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    Your camcorder is a DVD cam and therefore you need to finalize the discs before you take them out of the camcorder. You need to do this so the DVD drive on your computer can 'see' the files. The files are a version of mpeg (not the best file format to be starting off with) and it is heavily compressed in order to get as much footage onto a small disc. The only software that I know of and thankfully it was already installed on my computer is Intervideo WinDVD Creator, an old version at this stage but it can still import mpeg files from a DVD disc and allows you to do basic editing and you can also export as an avi file.

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