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Thread: help! Studio 8 - can I shrink my project?

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    Default help! Studio 8 - can I shrink my project?

    Hi All.

    I know Studio 8 is rather old but I cannot any longer experiment with new products to see if they will work. I've had tonnes of problems with NeoDVD, Studio 9 and Studio 8, but I can live with the quirks I have.

    My question. I have a project that is just over 2 hours (124 Mins). When attempting to burn to either DVD or to hard drive first, Studio 8 does allow me to do so.

    What I want to do is output the project somewhere and at least use DVD shrink to fit it onto a DVD. Can anyone give me advice on how to confuse Studio 8 to think that the 124 minute project is small enough?


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    Please read this sticky in the DVD authoring section first:

    This will explain why you are getting this limitation. If you are unable to lower the bitrate sufficiently in studio, you will have to output to an intermediary file and use another authoring application, or alternatively trim down the video. Do you really need over two hours on one DVD?

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    Hi mcvane;

    Possibly this will work;

    Use the Create Movie tab in Pinnacle to create an AVI file. Be certain that all of your final edits are exactly as you wish them prior to making your AVI video. Then, using either Nero, Power Producer, or some other program of your choice, import your AVI video and create a DVD in the long play mode.

    If I were uncertain as to the results, I'd create a DVD folder or an image. You can mount the image on a virtual drive: if it is too big use either Nero or DVD shrink to create the final DVD.

    Most of the time, I don't bother with Pinnacle's DVD rendering process. I use Pinnacle to create an AVI [which Pinnacle can render easily] and then create the DVD in Nero. I let Nero create the chapters for me. and burn the disk.

    Cat Ketch

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