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    Okay folks, Im new to this forum so be gentle on me !

    Two issues that Im hoping you can help me out on - and please keep in mind that I am a bit of a novice looking to learn a bit more about doing more with any video i take, but it's not a big hobby of mine.

    Basically I want to be able to do the following without any significant aggro or expense;
    a) transfer video from my Canon MV5i MC to my PC
    b) do some basic editing etc to make short sensible films for the family and of my other main hobby (flying large model aircraft !)
    c) be able to convert these films into useful file types for use in DVD machines, and to load on to other PCs / trf to the likes of You Tube etc.

    I just upgraded my PC so I have a suped up machine for the job, necessary DVD writers etc, and a stack of DVD-R discs !
    Software - only the Movie Maker stuff that comes with XP pro, but open to suggestion of buying a suitable package for doing a better / easier job of above.

    Okay, so my main queries are;

    1) Anyone tell me where I can get the instruction manual for the Canon MV5i MC? this is an oldish camera (4 years?) but was hi spec at the time and I have followed some of the links on this forum to try to get it but no joy in actually getting the instruction manual on this model.

    2) Anyone got any experience on getting video from the DV tapes to PC. Im guessing there should be a way of transfering from the tape through the camera to the PC but what do I need ? Thought has also occurred to me that maybe I should get a little tape player for the job so I dont have to use the camera all the time but I have not got a clue where to start.

    By way of thanks in anticipation of your help, here's an idea of what I aim to accomplish;
    (hope it works !)

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    To transfer video footage from camcorder to computer you need a Firewire cable, plug one end into the camcorder and the other into the computer. What is the spec of your computer? For editing download the many 30 day trial software you can get and see which one you like the best and offers the best features. I would suggest Adobe Premiere Elements 3 or if you can find a cheaper Adobe Premiere Elements 2, which will do all the things you want. Have you tried Canons website or customer support to see if they have anything, then again they might just be a useless shower just like Hewlett Packard (I've had an ongoing battle with them for a year now). Or go onto Google and type in the name of that camcorder and see if it throws up any mention of an instruction book. You've certainly come to the right place in finding out how to get video off a camcorder and onto a computer, you can't get a 'little tape player' for Mini DV unless you want to spend about 1200 pounds Sterling, a big outlay if you are just starting, you could try looking for a tape rewinder from the likes of Hama, I have one and it saves a lot of wear and tear on the camcorder and therefore prolongs the camcorders life. Without it I would probably have to get the tape playback heads replaced and that would mean contacting Panasonic and I'd rather stick red hot pokers in my eyes given the choice.

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    first up thanks...

    I was beginning to have doubts about support on this forum... guess Im used to quicker replies for my other hobby !

    Good news - found the instructions. Bad news... one page on the topic which told me I need an IE 3334 or whatever it is lead, basicallu a firewaire cable as you say. What is not clear is that it transfers from the tape so thats an assumption.

    Back in a min

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    PC - not a prob.... dual core big pants lots of ram wings, twin carbs, fuel injected, sexual magnatism... well maybe not the last bit!

    SO I need to get this lead and see what happens, dont have any of that software of to be honest time to muck about with freedownloads..just want a fairly idiot proof but basic to inter set up...

    Im hoping that with the XP movie maker i can prove that the firewire link will give me ability to import so I know it works...


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