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Thread: How do I make it stream better

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    Question How do I make it stream better

    Hi Guys
    I'm new here and so hope I'm not repeating a question that has been asked many times.
    I have managed to put a mpeg file on to my website using dreamweaver mx04 and some html that I found on the Adobe website, but the playback is very stuttery. I havent got Flash (as in the software programme), so wonder how I can improve the streaming. I am currently using Adobe premier elements trial but thinking of buying it unless i get advice against it.
    Thanks in advance

    If you want to see what I mean, you can view it here:

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    Hi Sally

    I would use Flash. That is what I use for the clips on my site. If you do not have the software I would gladly do it for you. Let me know.



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    Hi Mark
    Thanks for your very kind offer. On what terms are you happy to do the clip?

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    The video looks fine to me, with no stuttering. I imagine that stuttering could occur if I had a slower internet connection.

    A possible solution to stuttering would be to encode it as a wmv file, rather than as an mpeg file. I have found that wmv files stream far more smoothly than mpeg files.

    You can encode to wmv fairly easily; your editing software may have this as an output option. Windows Movie Maker certainly does. And the free Windows Media Encoder software works great as a standalone avi-wmv file conversion program.

    As MStrutt suggests, Flash is another option. Personally, I prefer WMV files to Flash, because I like the option of being able to view the video full screen.

    Just a final question - what happens next? I was just getting into the video clip, and it stops mid-sentence. I thought the film could also benefit from the presenter introducing herself and then the product in question, before launching into the demonstration of how it is used.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sallynewc View Post
    Hi Mark
    Thanks for your very kind offer. On what terms are you happy to do the clip?
    Email me direct and let me know exactly what you have and ill see what I can do.



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    Yes, not use the MPEG as a streaming file. Actually it is not a streaming format.

    Flash, WMV, QuickTime and RealMedia are streaming format. both of them have defferent good and bad features.

    First check your web server, which format support streaming, or you can just export a lttle file and put it on your web server and open it in your browser to see if it can be streaming.
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    Smile Thank you

    Thank you all for your replies and I apologise if it seems I haven't responded to the expert advice I have been offered. I read all answers very carefully and am learning all the time! A Happy New Year to you all

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    We have a file convertor from any video format with its further broadcasting in website's flash player. To work this convertor requires a free RED5 server. The convertation happenes while loading the file in Admins zone.

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