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Thread: Introduction to resolution / PAL & NTSC

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    Default Introduction to resolution / PAL & NTSC

    Hi. Im new to Adobe Premiere (I have Pro 2.0).

    See... in Windows Movie Maker there isn't really anything you need to know: I just import videos, edit them and export them.
    If I had a 640x480 video then I will end with another 640x480 video.

    But Premiere has lot of options (I didnt know you could have non-square pixels at all) so I was hoping to get some help about them.

    All I want to do is to edit some videos I download (lets take for example a "Simpsons" episode) and that are 640x480, and keep them in that resolution. I will need them only for my PC, no TV.

    So, first: Should I use PAL, NTSC or neither?

    Then: I couldn't find a way to select as export options the size 640x480 (actually usiong the editing mode "DESKTOP" I could but the quality was terribly bad), and if my 640x480 video turns into a 720x480 video logicaly the quality will be reduced.

    So please tell me how can I make my videos 640x480.

    Thanks a lot!
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    First set your project as Desktop mode and choose the most sources footages size, aspect ratio (pixial and frame).
    Edit them and than, export the format you want with the progressive mode for your file.

    Good luck
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    thanks 4 your answer.

    BTW: With "progressive mode" you mean to select progressive scan in the propertie "Fields"?

    And which compressor should i use? I have lot of options, the default is "Cinepak Codec by Radius"

    EDIT: I tried both with the default compressor and with XVID. The first one looks pixelated and the second one looks ok at some parts and just AWFUL at others (most part is awful)...
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