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    I am keen to invest in a better quality camcorder. I plan to try and get with a professional videographer next year sometime, to hopefully learn a little more and build on experience.

    Regarding camcorders, can anyone advise on some good places to buy equipment, whether second hand or new. also without breaking the bank to much has anyone got some ideas on a good selection of starting cameras.

    ideally i am just looking to get pointed in the right direction.


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    Are you looking for a prosumer High Def model from the likes of Sony or Canon, or would you prefer one of the shoulder mounted camcorders like the kind used in news gathering or ENG as it has become known. It really depends on your budget.

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    i am considering various, i think maybe a shoulder mount type as it would help to keep it steady, but then you can get cameras with stabilization. my budget maybe around £2k tops to include an additional item or two.

    really i need some good sources to purchase from some places that maybe reasonable on price ect....

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    I don't think you'll be able to get a shoulder mounted 3CCD camcorder for 2000, I think they start at about 3500 and increase from there. And as you say you will want a few bits and pieces along with it, so you'll actually have less than 2000 to spend. Look at the prosumer Canons and Sonys with Hi Def, don't have an upto date catalogue here but try their respective websites. I think you may have to cut back a bit on your ambitions according to the budget you have, but the Canons and Sonys are both good solid makes and you can't go wrong with either. I don't own either so can't comment in detail. Will the 'professional' videographer not be in a position to let you use his/her equipment for projects or what is the setup?

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    It would be helpful to understand your application, for your intended purchase of a new or used camera. I.e.:

    Posting videos on web sites

    Home entertainment, personal usage

    Commercial usage
    Also, are you intending to shop in person to a retail outlet or purchase on the Internet?

    And finally, I agree with NikoSony about the expense of a 3-CCD camcorder; itís my own personal feeling that you may want to wait and save up for a quality camera since the difference between a 3-CCD and a single CCD is measurable. Explore the Panasonic offerings at (reviews):

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