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Thread: Pinnacle Studio 7 upgrade to 8 ?

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    Default Pinnacle Studio 7 upgrade to 8 ?

    Hi all

    I'm new to this site and have a couple of Pinnacle Studio / general editing questions.

    I am using a Dell Dimension 4500 with Studio SE V7 (firewire) and am attempting to edit some old 8mm cine film that I have recorded and captured from my JVC DV cam. Is it possible to overwrite the audio track that is captured with the video, as this has not been used for anything useful and I would like to put some music on it (I would like to keep the 2 Studio sound tracks available for sound fx if possible). Also, I have just purchased a DVD writer to burn my finished project to, but I need Pinnacle Studio V8 to do this (I believe), would anyone know if there is a V8 upgrade pack that can be purchased or do you need to buy the standard V8 software ?.

    With regard to adding music to my project, I would be grateful for any suggestions on the best way to get vinyl and cassette onto my PC. I am currently recording directly from my stacking system amp into the microphone jack and although it does record, the quality is not the best (the volume meter is constantly in the red and there seems to be some distortion). Is there an economical off the shelf pack that I can buy to achieve this ?.

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    only going by heresay & it seems to be from lots of people, Studio8 is full of bugs so is probably not a good idea to upgrade. Pinnacle have been withdrawing their updates as it been making studio crash more.

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    With regards to the vinly and tapes, if you are using win xp and have a usb port there are a number of devices that do an excellent job. Steinberg Clean 3 is one of them.

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    You should have a line-in jack on your soundcard/mobo. I believe the standard colour for this is blue. If the volume's too loud, you can reduce this by going Start>Control Panel>Sounds and Audio Devices > Advanced. Now move the slider for the line-in down.

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    Thanks for the feedback. I am now sending music into the line in port on the PC and all seems good. As far as Studio 8 is concerned, I had heard rumours that it isnt the most stable of products. If I wanted to go for a different editing package, can I port my project from Studio and also burn DVD ?. Does any software allow me to overwrite the audio track captured with the video ?.

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    If you can get your hands on something like Adobe Premiere, Ulead Media Studio or Vegas Video, you won't be dissapointed!

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    There are a few pitfalls here and I am not confident at having bottomed them all out yet but Pinnacle 8 does not write reliably to DVD and you will be left with many costly coasters. I have established this very definitely using 2 pcs and even swapping parts to get identical results that there is a software fault. However you can get around this by creating a disc image on the hard drive and using Instant CD/DVD to burn to your DVD. This works every time. If you use Premiere which I do you will still have to use a third party software to burn the DVDs.

    Now DVD burners are another matter. Both machines I used had a Pioneer DVR 106 OEM version fitted. Firmware was updated to 1.07.
    The subject of makes of DVD is very thorny. I have had success & failure using Sony discs at 4.00 a throw and initially failures with Bulkpaq but when using Instant CD/DVD success is 100% with Bulkpaq which work out at 17.99 for 25.

    Keep me posted

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