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Thread: Anyone recognise this famous music? Name / Artist?

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    Default Anyone recognise this famous music? Name / Artist?

    I'm trying to find some music to use in a trailer and found a great piece that I hear all the time in films / TV but I just can't put a name to it.

    It's on the trailer to Kill Bill here:

    I could just rip it from that trailer but it has fighting sounds too which won't go well with what I'm doing. Can anyone name that song or know where I can find it?


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    Battle Without Honor or Humanity - Tomoyasu Hotei

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    Thanks marc - that's it!

    I thought it was a more famous piece than just a Kill Bill track, but anyway - cheers!

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    How do they make that swishing sound in those old Bruce Lee films and Michael Jackson videos aswell? And talking about martial arts, I heard a joke recently about 'Grasshopper', remember him, played by David Carradine on TV in the 1970's. It goes something like this... on Grasshoppers last day before he graduates and leaves he approaches the Master and asks him for some final words of wisdom before he goes out into the world. The Master turns to him and says, my son, have plenty of sex after you leave here. Grasshopper replies, but Master, how will I know when I've had plenty of sex? And the Master replies, when your eyes look like mine, then you will know!

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