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    I normally connecct with firewire, im have XP. Normally it makes a lil noise and reconzies it immediatley after i plug the firewire into camera. Now its not donig anything, what is happening here?

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    put quite simply, it sounds like the PC is simply not recognising the connection of hte hardware through the firewire.

    On My XP machine, each time I plug something in and turn on the power through either firewire or USB I get a nice 'ping' of recognition and away I go.

    First silly question. As well as pluggin in the device you did turn it's power source on didn't you?

    Other than that, try test the connections and/or try a differnet firewire cable if you have one. Try a different port, try a different PC, check drivers (if any) are installed properly and not become corrupted.

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    Does it recognise it via usb?


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