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    For a long time already I've been searching for a solution to solve this problem:
    I've got 3 digital camcorders. I want these plugged into my computer (how?). Then, I want to switch between the signals of the camcorders to send them to a beamer (like they do in the movies or soaps, they switch between different camera angles while 1 scene is been played)...
    I also want to edit the incoming images with text, or add an effect when I switch between the different cameras...
    It'll also be handy when I can see all the images the cameras send to my computer on one screen, and that I, for example, can click on the different images to be send to my beamer...

    My questions are:
    - what kind of hardware do I need?
    - what is the best software to obtain the result above-mentioned?

    To make my wills more clear, I've maid a sort of diagram...

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    are you talking about a live feed or something pre-recorded-like movies? if you talking about something prerecorded I think youve got the wrong idea.. if your taking about editing something live than your need a mixing desk of sorts..

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    We're planning to give a concert in school,
    and I want to give the audience live video shots, so
    the people at the back of the hall can also see what's
    happening on stage.

    So I want, indeed, to get live shots into my computer
    and send them straight away to the beamer...
    Editing is just a feauture that'll be handy if it's available...

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    In short what you want is a video switcher or video mixer. It's a complicated setup and will cost big money. Do a Google on it. Also search through this forum, it has been talked about many times. You will need one with a built in Frame Synchronizer since you are using non-professional cameras.

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    It is possible that the projector has several inputs. I quite often use a big Eiki theatre projector for this type of work and it has 4 different inputs. If this is the case, you may be able to switch from one to the other as you want. It's a crude method but it might achieve the aim without spending any money.

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