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Thread: Problem with New Project Presets

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    Default Problem with New Project Presets

    Help - new user - first post.

    Adobe Premier Elements 2.0

    I cannot seem to start a "new project" with the frame size I want.
    I open Premier
    I click on "setup"
    There are the obvious "presets and default"
    I click on "new preset" (to make my this case I want to make a frame size of, say, 320 X 240....)
    Here's the problem - everyhting remains greyed out (grayed)!
    I cannot adjust anything in General, other than "playback settings").
    "Capture" remains "dv only"
    So, how can I create my own preset, if all is greyed out...?!
    REALLY appreciate some help on this - been googling all day - to no avail...!
    All I want to do is edit a simple WMV movie, that has started life as a 320 x 240, add similar sized files, and export the same frame size movie....!

    Many thanks....

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    I haven't got Elements 2 but in Premiere Pro 2 I try this so maybe it might work for you. Click on New Project->Custom Settings Tab->General and click on the Editing Mode drop down arrow and from the selection choose Desktop and the Frame Size will become available to you to type in your own figures.

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    Many thanks for help - unfortunately, as I have now learnt, many features taht exist in PP2, are, simply, greyed out of elements - the poorer relation!

    But, if anyone else is followoing this thread, here's what I have learnt on the adoe forum:

    "You have flies in your eyes. That's probably why you can't see them"
    JH C.22

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    I have't try the Element version, maybe in Premiere Element, Adobe limited access on some of the settings or feactures, so you can not make them.
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