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    Hello All,

    Long time reader first time poster.

    I have hours of video that i have been taking all year, inc purchasing a new house, the arrival of a new baby and countless poker nights.

    I want to collate them into a dvd.

    I have pinnicle studio 10.

    I find it fairly hard to opperate, I understand i proberly have not spend enough time on it but i just want to do the following;

    1. take small snippets of video and file the under folders
    eg, poker night funny moments, travelling, baby, nature scenes ect.

    2. i will take the small snipets and combine them to make a longer version

    3. place music over the fianl version and some basic features like slow motion

    Can anyone suggest a software program thats would suit my needs

    a book or website to provide tutition

    any advice would really be apprecitaed

    thanks eveybody


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    I don't use PS 10 myself but I'm sure it has everything you need. Multiple video and audio tracks, scene transitions, effects such as slow motion and it may come with sound effects and short music clips. So you don't need to go looking for any new software at the moment. The software should allow you to do 3 things, and they are Capture the footage, Edit it and Burn it out to a DVD or make a computer file or allow you to put it on the Web. What type of camcorder do you have? If it's Mini DV, then get yourself a Firewire cable and use that to connect the camcorder to the computer and transfer the footage that way. There are lots of video books and magazines available now, so take a trip to your nearest newsagents or bookstore and see what they have. Don't purchase anything too 'heavy' at this stage, just cover the basics so you're not frightened off and go onto Google and type something like, transferring video onto a computer or computer video editing for beginners.

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