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    I've been loaned a N93 camera phone by Nokia - nice people. It's a nice phone but it spits out mp4 video. PPro can't import mp4 and it's a bitch to have to convert everything. Fortunately the phone also comes with a copy of Premiere Elements which can import mp4. So basically the $A1400 version can't import it but the crippled version of the same piece of software that comes free with the camera can. Just why is it called Premiere Pro again? =)

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    Because professional editors wouldn't be using a camera phone to film, whilst Elements is geared at exactly the kind of person that would?

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    yeah i agree with mark.. if you are making videos with a phone all you will need is premiere elephants. if an mp4 file was needed by a pro editor they would know that mp4 can be converted into a format that prem pro can deal with.

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    Well, this professional editor is using a camera phone to film because that is what is required by the client. Yes, conversion is possible - if overly time-consuming - but I feel it's ludicrous that the pro version can't handle a format that the 'lite' version can. Even if it isn't a 'professional' format. Geez, the thing does ntsc =).

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    y dont you just use elephants to do the edit? and why the hell has a client asked for it to be filmed on a phone? the usual requests from clients is - do you film HD?

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    I remember reading about a feature film shot with a mobile phone

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    It's for a citizen journalism news site. They were loaned a bunch of N93s by Nokia so they can provide video news. I was asked to test it and I've been shooting a couple of stories over the last few days. Editing it in PE is a right PITA let me tell you. It chokes. I've got 2Gb on the P4 machine I've had to install PE on and it's very very slow. It beats trying to edit it in the NLE in the camera though =).

    I expect that we'll see more and more of this sort of thing over the next year or so. Nokia's making a big push for the video blogger. The N93 claims to be DVD quality btw. Even has a Zeiss lens. I love marketing departments. I suppose they have to justify spending $A2000 on a phone.

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    if there is a need for people to edit in mp4 then im sure there will be a plugin out for it soon, either that or adobe will sling it in prem pro 2.5

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    Nah, Adobe will wait at least until v3. They're never very quick off the bat with these things.

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