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Thread: Going through hell trying to capture!

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    Default Going through hell trying to capture!

    I'm trying to capture from my DV video camera (Victor/JVC GR DV3500). I'm new to this so bare wityh me while I ask these questions:

    1. From reading this forum I gather Firewire is the only decent way to capture. With my camera I got a regular USB cable and another USB cable called 'DV-USB convert cable'. This is not a Firewire connection is it?

    2. Before I get a Firewire connection I want to be sure it can be installed on my PC. What is a PCI slot and how do I know if there is one available for the Firewire hardware on my PC?

    My specs are:
    Dell Dimension 4600C
    Pentium 4 CPU 2.53GHz
    512 Mb RAM

    Thanks heaps!

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    crack open the case and see if you've got a spare white slot. that's all you need.

    to do proper firewire capture you need a firewire port, but don't worry, a suitable card can be had for less than 15.

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