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Thread: Family videos done to music/comments?

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    Default Family videos done to music/comments?

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    I'm a little over halfway through a yearlong project of a video diary (one per month) of my daughters first year. I've been using windows movie maker for editing and "Movie Mode" on my Canon point and shoot to capture the footage.

    I really like editing and want to improve so if you can think of any online guides, articles, software, or books that could helpplease let me know.


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    any constructive criticism?

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    Personally i'd cut out the shots of madelyn crying. No-one likes to watch a crying baby.

    Having said that, these types of video are very personal and subjective, so asking other people what they think will normally end up in big arguments along the lines of "this shot is poorly lit, the camera work is rubbish...etc" Vs. "..but it's the only shot of my baby's first steps, so i'm leaving it in"

    I'm sure no-one would appreciate the tribute video I made to friends who have passed away quite so much as myself and those who knew them. Likewise with videos of new born children. Your family will love them, but joe bloggs will get borred of them unless you drasticly cut down the length of the clips and get rid of all the shaky camera work.

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    Hi Breeegz,
    First of all, being a new father of a baby girl, I'm going to be a little more sympathetic to your desire to document every burp, yawn and bowel movement. You're doing a great job of that, and congrats of your beautiful baby.

    Second - you're doing well, and you'll only get better with practice. If you're still using windows movie maker, consider an upgrade to something a little more versatile. being able to time transitions to music beats, for example, can really add another dimension to your vids. Keep up the good work. The only constructive criticism I'd have for you is this: limit your transition types. Even George Lucas picked one he liked and stuck with it. Best wishes to you and your baby!

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    I myself am still a beginner of making videos. I started off doing family videos to music. I would film extended family shots all year long, and in the mid-summer put together a video to Christmas music. if I had footage of going to grandma's house, I would put it with an appropriate song. I then sent the video to family and friends as a gift, they could watch it, or have it playing in the background so they could listen to the music. this was in the mid-80's when my only available option was hokking up multiple vhs vcr machines to edit. it was difficult to match scenes together, and difficult to time out the music. I became frustrated, and my next attempt was to document my mothers cake decorating skills in a documentory film. we ended up making the video as an instructional video, and it was my first attempt at editing on a computer. I used intervideo to edit it, I never liked the windows video editing. I sell about 250 copies a year of that first video, almost enough to cover the house payment. I have never had any schooling, I am not really that experianced, but I like the style you have. as a home movie, I wouldnt do anything different. you are preserving memories, and that is most important. you are not only saving memories of your child, but yourself and your husband as well. who is doing the singing? I assume your husband is, and that makes it all the better. you are doing good at fading in the actual baby sounds, while keeping it fun with the music. if you plan to do anything professional later, you will need some equipment upgrades. if your intent is to have awesome home movies, you have accomplished that. my primary suggestion is DO NOT DESTROY THE ORIGINAL FOOTAGE! you can always re- edit later if you do upgrade equipment. once again, this is strictly my personal opinions, I enjoyed watching the videos.

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