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Thread: Print to tape problem with Premiere pro and panasonic dv102

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    Default Print to tape problem with Premiere pro and panasonic dv102

    Hi all,

    I am hoping some kind souls would help me (and my highschool daughter..) in solving the subject problem.

    I imported her shool project (interviews) dv into adobe premiere pro using the firewire connection.

    Panasonic dv102(compact dvcamcorder) has a firewire port for pc connection and no other analog ports.

    After arranging all the relevent clips I thought print to tape would just make me a proud father, well I spent almost 6 hours trying all I could(since i dont know much..)

    The print to tape dialog window does initialize the camera and REC appears on the camera and the tape starts winding.
    However, all I get is blue screens.
    Camera is set to the VCR mode at this time.

    Kindly help me bring the edited footage back to the dv tape please.

    Thanks a lot in advance


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    I have been having the exact same problem as you....and i'm still trying to figure it out. However, with my system, sometimes i get the blue screen and sometimes it does record (only the sound is choppy and picture is extremely scrambled) This is strange for me simply because i was exporting to tape with ease only a week before. My only guess so far is that i'm low on hard-drive memory. Maybe there is not enough to do all that stuff at once.

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    Do your export settings match the import settings (ie MS DVavi PAL/NTSC, resolution, pixel ratio etc).

    Does the camera support DV in? I've tried to find this out over the web but no luck - check your documentation as some cameras do not - in this event you'll need to get a DV in enabler (not sure what their called or who makes em but I've seen them on some site or other).

    Have you rendered your time line? Any effects added will need to be rendered before you can export.

    Are you using OHCI compliant IEEE1349 drivers? Problems have been reported when using proprietry firewire drivers with premier such as those supplied by texas Instruments.

    Is your camera model listed/selected in the device control dialogue in premier?

    If your ok on all the above just keep fiddling about until it works! Maybe check panasonic user forums to see if others have the same problem.


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    Default Thanks for responding!

    Thank you gentlemen!

    I will try all the above recommendations and get back with you with the results.


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    from what I have heard a DV in enabler is called a widget
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    i hav d exact same problem. badly need help. in my case. i cant import nor export from and to tapes. the couter runs but on a blue screen. please help. Thanks in advance!
    Jong Tulibas
    video editor

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