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Thread: which camcorder to get......

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    Default which camcorder to get......


    these are the main camcorders im intrested in:

    - jvc mg-505

    i have read a lot about the JVC MG-505 but not that much on the Panasonic GS500, i heard JVC are bringing out a HD camcoder in 2007 but i dont know how much it will be as i have about 500-600 to spend. if any of you have got any new on the new jvc cam plese let me know and please give me any critisuim on these camcorders and which is better.

    this is the new JVC HD HDD camcorder this is all i know about it :

    cheers Ben

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    I haven't been following recent developments at JVC so is the jvc mg-505 a Mini DV or HDD camcorder? If it is HDD, then I would suggest the Panasonic as it is Mini DV and has 3 CCD's for improved picture quality and the manual controls are better on it. If the jvc mg-505 is Mini DV it probably only has 1 CCD compared to the 3CCD's on the Panasonic, so any system that improves picture quality such as 3 CCD's is better to go for.

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    well there both HDD?


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    The Pana GS500 is the wannabee 2006 replacement for the super duper GS400 (although lower specced), it's 3-CCD MiniDV. A very good camera when compared to the solid-state JVC, which can only be considered an expensive gizmo, IMO.

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    Given the choice between a solid state HDD camcorder which records in a version of mpeg and only has 1CCD (although optics play a part aswell) and a 3CCD camcorder from Panasonic that uses Mini DV, definitely go for the Panasonic if that is the only other camcorder you have been looking at.

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