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Thread: Need good SVHS tapes for recording need advice

  1. Exclamation Need good SVHS tapes for recording need advice

    I looked and there was all sort of brands and specifications so I'm curious about which one would be the best to get so I need your advice. I'm want to record on a "Sony SLV-R1000" and I would like to get the best possible quality out of it when I'm recording to the tape from either cable UHF connection or composite-svideo inputs. Today I tried recording with a new VHS tape Premium Quality the brand was Sony but I then compared it with the cable broadcast for exactness (same face, same scene C-SPAN2) I just press STOP looked at the original for a while then press PLAY and looked but I got dissapointed.
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    I had found the MQST-120 Broadcast Videocassette to be the best video cassette for its quality of video specifically and it seems the audio is better too. The recommended JVC S-VHS Tapes (ST120SVDU2) have dissapointed me.

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