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    I own a Sony Handycam CCD-TRV-48E PAL that I purchased second hand. I can view video just fine on the display screen but when I try to view it on a TV the image shakes really bad like bad tracking on a VCR. I tried viewing the tape on my friends Sony Handycam CCD-TR93 NTSC and the tape produces no image at all. Can anyone help I am totally perplexed. Thanks in advance.

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    How have you connected your camcorder to the TV? If the tape plays back fine on the camcorder then it must be a bad connection, faulty cable or the settings on the TV aren't correct, check these to see if it makes a difference. NTSC camcorders probably can't play back PAL tapes, one is the mainly American TV system and the other is for the UK/Australia/New Zealand/Hong Kong.

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