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Thread: All I want to do is edit my video!

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    Question All I want to do is edit my video!

    I have bought a Sony Handycam DCR DVD92E in haste and apparently can not connect it directly to a PC. So I thought i would simply take the finalized DVD via the DVD tray and import it to Studio 10 for editing and can not because it says it's write protected. It keeps making Studio crash as well.

    Do i need to buy a another camera or is there some software that can read and crack the DVD so I can 'capture' it?

    I was using a Canon MV600 but the lens broke and that imported via wirefire a treat.

    Please help!!

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    i dont know this camera... does it not have a firewire port?
    its a DVDcam - from what i have read they are pretty crap if you are looking to edit any of your footage. i would say thay are really aimed at people with kids who have many hollidays - the point, shoot and play back on dvd player type

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    There is no firewire port, I am really looking for someone to tell me how I can unlock the DVD so that I can edit it in Pinnacle.

    Any ideas anyone?

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    You could try to copy the VOB files directly onto your hard drive and open them with Studio for editing.

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    what is the point of a camera with no firewire? its like going backwards.... and they are not that cheep either! bloody DVDcameras!!!

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    Firewire is for DV.
    DVD material isn't even supposed to be captured. It's point-and-shoot, right? That's why I hate DVD camcorders.

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    I captured the footage from a friendís Sony DVD cam by using its analogue-out leads into my Matrox rtX. If you know anyone who can capture analogue-to-digital, this will work.

    If not, the only way is Mihaiís suggestion Ė copy the DVDís files onto your hard drive then open them in Pinnacle.

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