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    i am new to cameras. i have never owned one or operated one. i plan on purchasing one in the next week.
    i am a musician. i plan on using the camera for my band so i need good sound quality. of course, in some situations, i can plu directly into the camera from the sound board. i also need to be able to put the videos on the internet on such sites a and myspace and other websites.

    also, i own a construction business, and i need a camera for insurance purposes for filming projects.

    also, i would like to make some neat little amatuer videos.

    so, whats the best camera for my needs? i want to be in the realm of the latest technology. i also want to have dvds.

    can anyone help me?

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    OK to start off, whats the budget? I'd reccomend a small cheap 3 chip cam just to see how you get along.

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    ok. my budget can range from 0 to $1500. but, i dont want to spend anymore than needed. i just want good quality, up to date technology, and features. plus, size and battery strength.

    and, where do i buy? i am in the usa

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    whats the deal with high definition?


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