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    Hello all,

    I have recently purchased Sony Veags Movie Studio 6. I have read all the posts about 'Interlaced, blending fields, lower field first and progressive scan' and I must admit that i'm at a loss!

    My movie is 20 mins long and was shot using a Sony Digital 8 camcorder and output via its DV output. ( I think it records interlaced footage). I would like the film to be put on PAL DVD. What project properties would be best to produce the best possible quality? Ie: field order and de-interlace method and the event properties i.e reduce interlace flicker (y ao no) and field order?

    There are no stills in the film, but it dose contain some fast moving scences.

    Also the film contain about 20secs of playstation 2 and sky footage (recored via s-video into into camcorder, then firewired to PC), what do you suggest is the best way of rendering that?

    Many Thanks

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    In theory you shouldn't need to worry about any of the technical terms you've mentioned; all this should be handled by the software and there is no reason for you to manually adjust this. In fact many problems are created by mis-communication of technical terms. The maxim, "keep it simple", most certainly holds true in video editing. No doubt you will be able to maximise quality by delving deep into the mysteries of the technology, but you're talking about a considerable investement of time and effort. All you really want to do it edit, right?

    I would suggest you simply output to DVD following the instructions in your manual. This will give good results, I assure you!

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    Your project properties should be set to PAL DV or PAL DV widescreen, (whatever you shot), Lower Field First and render out to MPEG2 if you're going to put it on DVD.

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