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Thread: Driver conflicts?

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    Question Driver conflicts?

    I have used Premiere Elements on numerous semi professional projects, I have found it to be a stable and reliable program.
    However I needed something more creative so I purchased Adobe Creative Studio - Production Studio Premium (Pro 2.0/After efffects 7.0 etc). I have not as yet been able to do even basic editing let alone use after effects 7.0 because the computer (spec below) constantly crashes. The Adobe web forum advises that I have a driver conflict. I have virtually rebuilt the computer although I haven't yet resorted to a clean install of Windows XP. But the conflict remains. The computer is well within the Adobe minimum spec.
    I had thought a more powerful PC namely a dual core processor and something like an Nvidia 3450 graphics card but it's a lot of money if that's not the problem and especially after the significant outlay of the Premium edition. I would therefore really appreciate any thoughts on the matter before I resort to selling Creative Studio on ebay!

    PS I should add that the crashes eminate from the File export command; it dosen't matter what I try to export to e.g. DVD, ISO image, Folder etc.

    (UK) Mesh
    Win XP Service pack 2
    Asus K8VSEDX Mobo SKT 754
    AMD Athlon 64 3000+ 2002Mhz
    2Gb Ram
    1x250Gb SATA HDD
    1x320Gb SATA HDD
    NVidia 7800GS AGP 512MB Graphics
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    Have you made a note of the driver conflict? Put it up in your next post so we can get a look at it.

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