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Thread: Getting 2 scenes in 1 during capturing!

  1. Exclamation Getting 2 scenes in 1 during capturing!

    I have an issue, when my audio output signal gets too high my captured video seems to play well the videos looks normal... but when the audio output signal is normal the video seems to want to play 2 scenes at the same time and there is much noticeable horizontal lines... isn't this a contradiction? I want to have the best of both; good video and audio, not one or the other.

    "Also when my audio output signal gets too high there is like 3 color pixels appear near the bottom left part of recorded video but that is no problem I now know how to solve the high signal output that is start recording after the audio spike happening after stop and rec so the volume doesn't mess up for the next scenes."

    Any ideas of what to do?

    Good video image bad audio output:

    Bad video image but good audio output:

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    I think the bad one is trying to interlace the video in any case I don't like it I like the other one that looks more uniform... I'm using a VHS SLV-R1000 and a Dazzle Hollywood Bridge to connect it to my pc firewire. Settings on Studio 9 is default and I can't change any other aspect of it for DV... and also on the dazzle is all default... The VHS is using the svideo output. What else do you need to know?

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    I have here 2 links to the respective cases... my goal is to obtain a video such as the one when the audio fails and at the same time obtain the good audio that happens when the video looks interlaced or more horizontal lines appear... What am I missing here?

    By the way notice how the audio gets distorted when there is a shock just before the next scene appears but how the audio plays fine when there is no shock before the next scene and even if there was within the current scene it wont distort because it was within that scene.

    Good Video Bad Audio
    need 25MB of web space
    Bad Video Good Audio
    need 25MB of web space

    I suggest you view it in a program like Studio9 that lets you view frame by frame instead then WMP. You will notice it anyway when playing it at normal speed when something moves quickly like the hands you get a feeling of interlaced video Instead then smooth video
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