I've just had to rebuild my entire system, including reinstalling Premiere and Encore. I sense I've lost some settings, but I'm b*ggered if I can remember what they are...

I just edited a movie in Premiere Pro, and exported it as an .avi ready to import into Encore. As an .avi, it looks fine in Media Player. However, when I import it in to Encore and try to play it on the Encore monitor, I get what amounts to six columns of rectangular 'boxes' all across the screen, each of which looks like two halves of a box (if that makes any sense?). You can vaguely see the video behind it, but there's something terribly wrong.

I'm exporting as a Microsoft DV AVI file using DV PAL compression, lower field firstand importing as a timeline. Does anyone have a clue what's wrong? It's not a problem, is it, that the file is 10GB in size? Have I missed something like deinterlacing?

As ever, all help gratefully appreciated.