I am very new to video editing, conversion, etc.

I have a project here at work that requires me to retrieve a video file (.avi) from a Honeywell Security 4 channel DVR and combine it with a time stamp overlay file (.smi) from the same DVR ... and then somehow combine them into a single file that I can in turn burn to a DVD for courtroom evidence. (file format would be one that is easily played by windows media player)

A couple of additional bits of info that may help.
  • The .avi as it is retrieved off of the DVR does not play on all players ... WMP 11 being one of them.
  • I've only been able to view the time-stamp within VLC by manually directing it to the .smi file as the subtitle.
  • I have tried downloading and installing the ffdshow codecs and activating the subtitle options. (as directed by Honeywell)
Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated ... I have read and read until I feel dumber than when I started.

thanks .... Hawki