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Thread: mpeg video wizard???

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    Unhappy mpeg video wizard???

    I've read the review posted on this forum and it seems ideal for my needs, my question is how good is it really.
    At present i'm using roxio 7.5 and have also used ulead and pinnacle to edit my vids.
    to be honest my requirements are quite basic , a bit of trimming , a few fades etc,etc.. and finally a dvd authoring tool.
    As i said i can do this within all 3 programs but they don't seem to like it that much, occasional crashes to desktop etc.
    I am now the proud owner (sic) of a hard drive/dvd recorder, which enables me to convert my dv tapes to dvd in HQ quality 1hr per dvd.therefore already into mpeg format. it's this footage i want to tidy up and dvd author to produce a more polished result.
    I'm not after making an epic only a Few home vids.

    If anyone has used the mpeg video wizard and has an opinion I would appreciate your comments.

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    I believe it has a free trial...

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