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    Question Suggestions needed

    Hey, guys. I'm new to the board so if I've posted in the wrong area please move my thread. I just gained interested in film editing recently when I played around with Movie Maker, and now I'm planning on getting into more complex editing. I was looking for a editing software more flexible than Movie Maker. I'm looking for creating/adding titles, animations, and color changing,etc... I have a PC. Please, reply. My budget right now is about $600.

    PS. Adobe Premiere won't run because I don't have a processor with SSE2.

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    I think the best buy for value for money is Sony Vegas, located here:

    But there is a forum link, which I can’t seem to locate, that lists all the links to video editing application packages, so hopefully another forum member will be able to provide this aforementioned URL

    Most software packages are available on a trial basis, so I’d recommend that “Try Before you Buy”.

    Regards & Good Luck

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    TDA-Digital is correct in saying that you should download a number of editors for their 30 day trials, before you part with any money to see which one you like the best rather than relying on someone in a store telling you. It's a pity APP2.0 won't work on your computer, it's a great package but not without its quirks, like that SSE2 thing you mention (Intel Pentium 4 + HT) or not allowing you to drop transitions between whatever clips you like, if they don't have enough frames, total bummer.

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    And one other thing, don't blow the entire 600 on an editor if you are only starting out.

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    Knowing what I know now, I'd look on eBay for a genuine full version of Adobe Premiere 6.5. You will pick one up quite cheaply, and whilst it doesn't have the whistles and bangs of the latest version, it is still an awesome application, and you wont have spent much if your interest fades.

    You will also find plenty of used 6.5 tutorial books to hold your hand, again very cheaply.

    PS - congratulations on discovering what is a truely fascinating craft and pastime (for me anyway)

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