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Thread: Please help! tv connecting problems!

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    Default Please help! tv connecting problems!

    I have a JVC GR-D31EK dig camcorder and am trying to view my footage on my tv. Because I have an old tv, I am using the scart in my VCR to connect to the camera, but I get no audio or video. I also hook up my PS2 in the same way and it works fine. Any ideas why it's not working? (I have checked and double checked all the settings in the instruction manual) :cry:

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    If the PS2 route works ok then it's not the TV/VCR combination so I can only (repsectfully) suggest that you have NOT got yor camer settings quite right yet.

    I'm not familiar with the particular camera but I suspect it shouldbe just a case of putting hte thing into VCR mode, pluggint he leads into components outputs on the camera and hittinghte play button.

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    i have scrutinised and triple checked every setting, but to no avail!!!!

    is it poss my tv or video dont support the playbak at all?

    anymoree sugggestions?

    thanks. :(

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    Try another scart cable, not all scart cables have all the pins connected.
    Other than that, it should work having the cam on play and the video on the right input (aux1, inp1, or whatever yours indicates) and the tv on the right video input (or channel).
    Did you try a friends tv that has composite jacks ?
    Have a nice day

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    yes, very good point Royer. Presumably you have a lead which is scart to 3-phono. Maybe the phono end is phono-out. i.e. the lead is uni-directional. chances are, if you only have three phono then the lead is single direction.

    I bought a scart to 6-phono lead for only a few pounds and have to think about which three phonos to use depending on the direction I intend to use it.

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    nothing worked so i bought a new tv, all works fine now so may have been that causing the problem - the new one has a scart port in the back and that works fine-old tv was at least 15 years old maybe 20! i can now also play my dvds imported from hong knog that never worked before!

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