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    Okay, so, what i want to do is the astablishing shots you see in movies, where like a sunset happens really quick or a shot of a city that is like 6 hours long but lasts a couple seconds. I'm doing it with a clock and need 72 hours to be turned into like 17 this even possible?

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    Marc will probably shoot me for saying this but you are talking about Time Lapse photography, and as far as I know it isn't available on conventional camcorders. I had an analogue JVC about 10 years ago and it had it, didn't use it that often but yes you could do your speeded up sunrise and sunset, or a building going up in 2 minutes which took six months in real time.

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    I think that you could probably find this on the net somewheres...
    Or you could do it the old fashioned way, and use a camera, take a pic every minute for an hour, then make the pics all 1/60 of a second or whatever, but finding it on the internet is probably a better choice.
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    I agree, do it with a still camera and import the set of pictures as a sequence aftre carefully numbering them.

    Or just record a full tape (an hour) of your shot, capture it and import then set the speed to 1000% or more. You will effectively just see every tenth frame only. Adjust the numbers to suit. I don;t think this is the 'best' method but it would work.

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    WinDV allows you to do time-lapse at the capturing phase. It allows you to capture every 'n'th frame of the footage on a tape. For example, if you want to import just one frame every second, you set it to record every 25th frame. The result is a captured clip that is speeded up by 25 times.

    The advantages of this method are that you dont end up with humongous 60-minute DV AVI clips, and you dont have to spend time speeding them up in the editor.

    You just have to get the maths right when deciding what 'n' should be, given the length of raw footage that you have and the duration you want the resulting clip to be.

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