Hey guys hope someone can help me with this problem. Today i bought a Sony RDR-GX120 DVD recorder (it doesnt have a hard drive) and on the whole i am very pleased with it. However i have 1 issue.... Recently i took back a LG DVD recorder with a hard drive because it wasnt very good but kept some of the recordings i had made with it, i can load all of these, even a small 7 minute DVD into my TMPGEnc 3.0 Xpress and TMPGEnc DVD author 1.6 with no problems. However any rcording i do on this new Sony DVD recorder noo matter how long they are will not load into either piece of software. Every time i point it to the directory in 3.0 Xpress it says

'could not retrieve the program information from the specified DVD'

and if i try it in DVD author 1.6 it is just blank in the box that normally shows you the film details such as audio codec etc.

Basically im stuck i have looked at all the files that make up my LG dvd recorded titles and they have the same files as the ones created by the Sony namely a video_ts folder (although the sony recordings also have a video_rm folder) but both the folders from both recorders have the video_ts folder with .ifo and .bup files but all the Sony recordings just will not load into TMPGEnc. I have finalised the discs in the Sony recorder the same as with the LG and im totally stuck, what is this Sony doing to make these DVD's impossible to edit in TMPGEnc? Really hope someone can help me out with this otherwise this DVD recorder is going back to the shop i got it from!