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    Hello all,
    I have had a look through the forums in case my question has already been answered but since I don't know the name of the effect I am after I couldn't find anything. If this has already been answered then my apologies.
    Just wondering if anyone knew what this effect actually is called and/or how to do it.

    The above picture is a series of frame-grabs from a video that features the effect I'm after.
    Thanks for any help,

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    looks like a flash burst. easily done with colour correction & colour curves.

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    Thanks for that
    However your 'easy' isn't my easy lol
    If anyone has enough spare time to explain how to do flash burst with colour corrections/curves that would be greatly appreciated

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    Mark W has written a short tutorial on curves at

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    Mark a big thanks, I've never realy played with the curves before but now im a convert (there goes my rendering time) big improvement. Cheers mate, keep the tuts coming.

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    Thank you for your help
    I'm finally on my way to knowing what I'm doing
    One last question - how do I affect only part of the picture like in frames 2-4?

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