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Thread: Making The Right Choice This Holiday Season!

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    Smile Making The Right Choice This Holiday Season!

    Hi everyone. I am new to both video cameras and this forum. I have been poking around for a video camera somewhere in the $200-$260 price range and I have a question. What is the difference between DVR, Harddrive, and Flashdrive camcorders? Can you edit your movie on the pc with the Windows Movie Maker with a DVR camcorder? I would like to get something fairly cheep but reliable.
    Thanks for your help. Sry if this is in the wrong topic, like I said I'm new here!


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    Hi Kodox

    The answer to your questions would take ages to produce, and may not actually be of any help. If it were me, I would get myself a beverage, put 'do not disturb' on the office door, and then click here:

    Best of luck mate

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    Well I did manage to find out the following:

    DVR-Similar to dvd. Little or no editing possible. More expensive.
    DV-Little miniature digital cassete format that can be edited on the pc and burned to cd.'s a harddrive, not much to say here. I haven't looked into this but basically these are more expensive.

    Correct me if I am wrong.

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    I think you are certainly on the right track. I would choose miniDV over DVR/DVD and hard disk any day, and I dare say so would most other contributors here.

    DVD and hard disk cameras output in mpeg format. Mpeg format is principally a distribution format (eg DVD) and not an editing format ( HDV aside ). MiniDV tape outputs in DV AVI format. DV AVI files are extremely pc-editing-friendly and there are many free, cheap and expensive video editing programs that you can use them with.

    Your budget isn't Hollywood, but could still get you something acceptable to make some enjoyable films.

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    I agree totally with bert6280 and go and buy a MiniDV camcorder and Firewire cable. It is the better format over those other formats that you mention. Much easier to transfer to the computer hard disk and then open up and edit in everything from Windows Movie Maker 2 (although it's output capabilities are limited) to Adobe Elements 3, look around for a cheap version of Adobe Elements Two - now that version Three is out, Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas etc.

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