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    Default Mythbusters Spoof

    Hello all!

    This is my 1st post here, so be gentil! I made a Spoof Mythbusters series some time ago. From an edditors point of vieuw it is not that spectacular. But it's fun to watch!

    Ok, I've uploaded all of the Mythbuster movies by me on to YouTube. Here are the links:

    Mythbusters PosterMyth 1/6

    We started with a simple idea, not that funny. Trying to survive in a room full of teen posters. We planned to keep the best stuff for the last.

    Mythbusters BeerMyth 2/6

    Another plain, not that funny myth. This one is related to the show where Adam and Jamie get drunk and try to beat the alcohol tester.

    Mythbusters ShootingMyth 3/6

    Getting a bit more fun here. Shooting Adam does not hurt (me). Actually the only movie strarring Adam.

    Mythbusters MicrowaveMyth 4/6

    Now we get to the real stuff, in a microwave! Including lexan, flames, smelly objects, chalk board and a microwave.

    Mythbusters ToiletMyth 5/6

    A myth referring to the show where the real busters suck a big but to an airplane toilet. We add a little juice to it and set it on fire too! (Burned my hand a little while recording :-[ so advise, light your gasoline from a distance!)

    Mythbusters BikeMyth 6/6

    The last one, here we put a JATO or RATO on a bike...

    Vieuwing this movies after a few months I would like to comment them myself. The intro gets pretty boring after the second movie. The intro is almost as long as the rest of the movie... shortening it would have been a good idea. Don't mind some of the background sounds (braking glass when we are going outside in the bike myth for example) some people don't respect the recording silence!

    Thats all for now, leave some good ratings if you like them. Send them too your friends to, Hollywood here I come!!

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    Interesting, but it you could really use some work on the audio, it is hard to hear what they are saying most of the time…

    And there is clearly a bunch of copyright violations but still entertaining.

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    Default RE

    On the audio, it's not that bad when you consider the fact that it is all recorded with a simple digital photo camera . But I agree, it could be a lot better.

    I am not that familiar with the copyright laws, but as long as I am not making any money I thought there was no problem?

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    I don't really like the fact that the intro for every episode is:
    a. The same , and
    b. Takes up 75% of the entire video.
    And ido agree that the audio sucks hairy monkey balls.
    the brush tied to his face is a nice touch...
    Everybody Pays

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