Please excuse me if this is the wrong forum section, it seemed the most fitting place. I am looking for a good capture card in the $30-70 US range so I can make decent clear screengrabs of video games.

I didn't do this, somebody else did, but its an example of a really fuzzy unclear video game screenshot I DON'T want to end up doing. Its taken off that new nintendo system, which i want to screengrab off of as well as other playstation, gamecube & other such consoles.

I'm very uncertain what to buy to be able to do this. I do have a nice graphics card with Video-In but I do not like the results. Other people have recommended to me that I just walk into a CompUSA & buy a random capture card & I'll be better off.

PC specs
Video Card: Radeon x1800xt
RAM: 2gig
CPU: 2.66 GHZ
I live in a major US city so I have access to large computer stores like Fry's, Best Buy, Circuit City, CompUSA etc..

Thank you very much